Irrational Funding Agency (IFA)

Apply for funding

The Irrational Funding Agency is accepting proposals for impossible science exhibits.

We can provide materials to make your impossible idea only extremely improbable. Fill out the form below and we'll assign you an impossible ingredient.

If you are not comfortable using your real name feel free to use your crime-fighting alias. Your data will not be stored on our servers. In fact, it will never leave your computer (we use quantum entaglement instead of HTTP to communicate with our APIs).

Food for thought

Even the most outrageous ideas need to be grounded (not necessarily on the floor). While creating your impossible exhibit you might want to think about some of these questions:

  • Who are the people that will use your exhibit?
  • What do you expect users to learn or experience?
  • How long does the experience take?
  • Where is the exhibit located?
  • How can you make the exhibit accessible?
  • How can you make it attractive?
  • How can you make it understandable?