Irrational Funding Agency (IFA)

The Irrational Funding Agency's mission is to encourage worldwide research and development of literally impossible endeavors through competitive funding and to support irrationality-driven frontier research across all fields, on the basis of scientific excellence.

Our primary goal is to bring together scientists, engineers, and innovators across all disciplines to work on projects that are not constrained by, or even acknowledge, the laws of nature.

"We will take on the impossible and provide the money to make it irrational."

Aurelia Folly (Director).

Yes! We will fund projects that are so seemingly absurd that they will be laughed at by some and scoffed at by others.

Yes! We will fund projects that are so risky that the only way to find out if they will work is to actually try them.

Yes! We will fund projects that others say cannot possibly be worth the time, money or effort.

We're accepting proposals for impossible science exhibits.

Submit yours and become part of the Impossible Science Exhibition.